How are You feeling these days?

With the end of January in sight, I don’t know about you but these gloomy days have really taken their toll! I recently read that Toronto had 22 days of cloud cover – and it sure feels like it was more than that!

🌷But spring will be here before we know it, bringing sunny days ahead. 

How are you doing? 

I know it’s been tough with all the inflation, food prices and interest rate news. Sometimes it can feel like the bills do nothing but go up, with no relief to come. 

But I want to let you know that if you’re feeling the pinch from the holidays, I can help. If you want to consolidate some bills, or that car loan, your home is a great tool to make that happen, all while lowering the interest rate you pay.

If you’re thinking about this, give me a call, and we can talk about what’s happening and come up with a plan. 

If you’re doing good – that’s amazing! Pass this message along to your family, friends and co-workers because I’d love to help them too. 

Something to make gloomy days Bright

If you’re addicted to TikTok like me you’ve maybe noticed the abundance of pet-based filters. This sampling had me up until 3am:

Jupi and Bowie

It’s the meow for me


Please take all my money

For the instagram people this cat dad has four (FOUR) cats and he does a wonderful voice for each of them: 

Business Cats

One thing about YouTube is that if you can think about it, it’s there. I discovered earlier in 2022 that there are many great channels with sleep sounds, or music, and even channels that play background style music. I really enjoy putting on these ‘lo-fi’ music channels while I work – they don’t usually have vocals and are great for setting the mood. Check it out!

Thank you for taking the time to read to the end.
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