With Fall just around the corner, here are some helpful home prep tips to ensure everything continues running well into the colder months!

  • Inspect Your Gutters: This time of year it is important to clean and inspect your gutters (replacing as needed) to ensure they are working properly as the rain and snow season hits. If they are clogged or damaged, it could result in a flooded interior and damaged exterior so don’t wait! Reach out if you need a service provider recommendation!
  • Check for Drafts: In the Fall and Winter, many homeowners are spending extra money heating their homes due to drafts, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Do a check on all exterior doors and windows to confirm if they are properly sealed. To do this, simply close a door or window on a strip of paper. If the paper slides easily, you need to may update your weatherstripping.
  • Have Your Furnace Inspected: In Canada, we are no strangers to chilly evenings! To ensure you are comfortable throughout the colder months, be sure to have your furnace inspected by an HVAC professional. They can check leaks, test efficiency, and change the filter. They can also conduct a carbon monoxide check to ensure air safety. If you rent, lease or finance your equipment, it may come with complimentary service contracts, so check your paperwork or give your service provider a call to find out.
  • Fix Any Concrete/Asphalt Cracks: This one is easy to ignore thinking it will be fine, but it could easily turn into a bigger issue. When water gets into existing cracks during the colder months it will freeze and expand, causing the crack to become even larger.
  • Turn Off Outdoor Plumbing: Since your garden will not need attention until the Spring, it is a good idea to shut off and drain all outdoor faucets and sprinkler systems. Depending on where you live, you might also want to cover them to prevent freezing during the Winter months. You’ll typically find the shut-off valve inside your home where the outside tap is located. So look for a hatch or panel to find the shut-off valve.
  • Change Your Batteries: It is a good idea annually to check that all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide devices are working. While you’re doing your Fall and Winter home preparations, this is a good time to test your existing gadgets. I set up a recurring reminder in my phone to ping me every six months for batteries – and don’t forget any smart devices such as locks, cameras or doorbells that rely on batteries! Nothing is worse than a dead battery in the dead of winter.